Late Nite Tuff Guy

Artist Billing

Late Nite Tuff Guy

Technical Requirements

3 x CDJ2000Nexus - please note artist requires CD to be in full working order. 1 x Allen & Heath Xone DB 2 mixer (Pioneer DJM900 is an acceptable alternative) LNTG/HMC is 168 cms or 5 ft 6’ tall so console should be of a suitable height to accommodate.

Recording Requirements

Not without prior consent from agent and artist

Refreshment And Catering Requirements

Bottled still water & unprocessed fruit juice Restaurant Food- Favourite is Vietnamese, Thai Food or good quality Italian / French restaurants.

Travel Requirements

First Class Train travel is a standard requirement for all journeys over 1.5hrs. You must book with Trainline Business so artist can collect tickets from a machine in person. Flights: NO RYAN AIR flights. Flight seats must be reserved in advance. An aisle seat in rows 3-8 of the plane please - LNTG does not like flying so this is required. Speedy boarding with an extra bag is required on all flights. (AVOID Front row or emergency exits please) ALL FLIGHTS must be approved by the agency before booking - NO EXCEPTIONS on this point.



LNTG Logo pack


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Late Nite Tuff Guy - Tech Rider

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Late Nite Tuff Guy Biography

Late Nite Tuff Guy 2016_17 biog.pdf

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