With his stripped-down emotional love for music and kind soul, Leipzig-bound beatsmith and all round top geezer Luvless has been steadily cementing his reputation as one of contemporary house music’s finest. Luvless is known for Rose Records, a label he started with four friends back in 2011. However he now has his own new label, Velours, which has seen some great releases so far and has much more to come.

Artist Billing


Technical Requirements

2 x turntables recently checked & in good condition with good quality needles 1 x Rotary mixer rotary mixer (Rane, Bozak, E&S, Condesa, Urei)

Recording Requirements

Not without prior permission from agent and artist.

Refreshment And Catering Requirements

Refreshments/Catering: Drink: Cold Beers, Still Water Hot meal

Accommodation Requirements

Minimum *3 star hotel room with private bathroom. Late check in / out must be available and breakfast to be included.

Travel Requirements

Travels from Leipzig or Berlin - please check all travel options first with The Unity Agency before booking and present full ticket details in advance. Speedy boarding and seat with extra legroom & extra bag are required on all flights.



Luvless Biog 2017


Download (184Kb)