Media page for Young Pulse

Technical Requirements

turntables 2 x CDJ 2000 (USB ports) ethernet linked mixer E&S DJR 400 or Pioneer DJM 900/800 booth Minimum 1x booth monitor speaker Prepare and plug a stereo phono to mini jack cable going from Master out 2 (or rec out) so artist can simply plug recorder in.

Recording Requirements

Strictly not without prior consent from artist and agent

Refreshment And Catering Requirements

A good quality hot meal in a local restaurant, no fast food. £20 buyout if the meal is not possible PRE SHOW: Backstage: 1 x Banana 2 x Chilled Bottles of water 1 large whiskey before set (no ice) 4 x Chilled Bottled Lagers and another 2 x whiskey

Travel Requirements

Flights must be from Paris CDG Airport When booking train tickets please use The Trainline Business so artist can collect tickets personally.