Andy Smith

Artist Billing

DJ Andy Smith (ex-Portishead)

Technical Requirements

For Disco Sets 2 x CDJs Pioneer 2000s Technics 2 x 1200/1210's CDJs must be able to take a memory stick For Vinyl Sets 2 x Technics SL 1200/1210 turntables in good working order both with slipmats and good quality needles. Good quality mixer - eg Pioneer DJM800/900 with monitor speaker going through booth control of mixer. Plays Vinyl, but will bring isolation feet for decks to minimise feedback issues Requirements for The Document Live shows 1) Need to be able to rotate turntables by 90 degrees (Hip Hop battle style) 2) Need to have a good quality (flat) mixer with working crossfade (Pioneer is OK) 3) Need to have monitor working through 'booth' control level on mixer

Recording Requirements

No recording without written permission of the agent

Refreshment And Catering Requirements

Cold Cider & Beers (Ales and Craft Beer not Lager), Bottled water. Nuts & Crisps Good quality restaurant food including fish and veggie option.

Accommodation Requirements

4* Hotel with wifi - breakfast included - late check out on all bookings

Travel Requirements

Please discuss travel arrangements with Unity before booking. Flights from London Stansted are 1st choice. Speedy boarding, reserved seating with extra legroom and Hold Luggage required on all flights. First class travel on all UK train journeys over 90mins please. Sometimes prefers to drive unless the journey is further than Leeds - travel allowance to be discussed when driving. When booking train tickets please use The Trainline Business so artist can collect tickets personally.

Artist Billing

DJ Andy Smith

Note to Promoters

Please make sure any promotion is billed ex-Portishead. For any bookings for The Document Live please ensure all promotional material states the time of his performance and that the show is performed early in the line-up.



Andy Smith Discography

DJ Andy Smith_Discography_August 2015.pdf

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DJ Andy Smith Biog

AndySmith Biog.pdf

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Andy Smith Presents: Reach Up Disco Wonderland

DJ Andy Smith presents Reach Up.pdf

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