Art of Tones

Art of Tones stands as one of the most sought-after producers and remixers in the industry, consistently delivering a funky, hard-hitting sound that dancefloors can’t resist. As a DJ, his sets are flawless, capturing a refined blend of Disco and House music while also giving a nod to subtler jazz elements. With a knack for intuitively reading a room, he has secured his reputation as an in-demand talent. His unique sound, informed by years in the music scene, leaves an indelible impression on audiences and fellow DJs alike.

After 25 years in the game, Art of Tones isn’t just keeping pace – he’s setting it. Unveiling fresh cuts on his new label, Palp, the “All Night” EP has already grabbed the ears of industry giants like Louie Vega, Dave Lee and Folamour. In 2022, Glitterbox didn’t just release his tracks – they made him a fixture at their gigs. It’s not just about staying relevant; Art of Tones is shaping the current sound.

Also note Art of Tones is the alter ego of Llorca whose midtempo and jazz-infused electronic sound appeals to an entirely different crowd.

Artist Billing

Art of Tones

Technical Requirements

2 x CDJ2000Nexus (linked) + Pioneer DJM900Nxs2 or Rane 2015 1 or 2 high powered monitors close to DJ, level controlled by DJ

Recording Requirements

Strictly no recording without prior permission of artist and The Unity Agency

Refreshment And Catering Requirements

2 bottles of mineral water, ice and glasses Drinks by request A hot meal before or after show - £30 buyout if not possible. NO single use plastics on rider. Recyclable / reusable only please.

Accommodation Requirements

4* hotel - double room with wifi available, breakfast included and late check out

Travel Requirements

Travels from Perpignan, France - please consult The Unity Agency on all travel options before booking. When booking train tickets please use The Trainline Business so artist can collect tickets personally. Speedy boarding and seat with extra legroom & extra bag are required on all flights