Drop Out Orchestra

Artist Billing

Drop Out Orchestra

Technical Requirements

For all live bookings - 2 standard european power outlets 230V. - Two free rca inputs into a Pioneer DJ mixer. - 1 x 1 m table space to the left of the Pioneers, 1 x 1 m table space to the right. - One bass guitar, Fender Jazz Bass with standard roundwound (Not flatwound please!) strings – and a strap. - 2 towels For all DJ bookings - 1 standard european power outlets 230V. - One free rca input into a Pioneer DJ mixer. - 1 x 1 m table space. - 2 towels

Recording Requirements

Strictly no recording without prior permission from The Unity Agency

Refreshment And Catering Requirements

Bottled water Prosecco or sparkling white wine Alcohol free beers for Live shows A sit down meal with a vegetarian and vegan option available before all shows.

Accommodation Requirements

2 x hotel rooms required on all bookings 4* hotel with wifi and breakfast included - late check in / out

Travel Requirements

Travel from Copenhagen, Denmark. Please check all travel options with The Unity Agency before booking. When booking train tickets please use The Trainline Business so artist can collect tickets personally. Speedy boarding and seat with extra legroom & extra bag are required on all flights



Drop Out Orchestra Biog


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