Luxxury makes dance music for adults. Raw, funky bass-lines plucked with grown-man finesse. A mastery of keyboard and synth native only to those who lived through the late '70s/early '80s. Dust in the glitter that vibrates in the space between string stabs, bongo slaps, and guitar jabs—even while the steady pulse and astral effects feel beamed in from a more cybernetic future Los Angeles.

Artist Billing


Technical Requirements

LUXXURY (1 person Live Remix DJ Set) - Technical Requirements Power source for USA laptop (120 volts or suitable adapter) Two free rca inputs into a Pioneer DJ mixer 1 x 1 m table space to the right ​mixer ​ For LIVE​ vocals / guitar One bass guitar, Fender Jazz or P-Bass with standard roundwound (Not flatwound please!) strings – and a strap One mic stand with adjustable boom (or tabletop mic stand with extendable arm) One Shure SM58 dynamic mic + XLR cable

Recording Requirements

Strictly No recording without prior permission from The Unity Agency & artist

Refreshment And Catering Requirements

Sparkling water Restaurant meal before show or £20 buyout

Accommodation Requirements

4* hotel with free wifi, late check out and breakfast must be included.

Travel Requirements

Please check all travel arrangements with The Unity Agency before booking. When booking train please use The Trainline Business so artist can collect tickets at the station. Speedy boarding and seat with extra legroom & extra bag are required on all flights.



Luxxury Biography

LUXXURY Biog.pdf

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