Lack of Afro

Artist Billing

Lack of Afro

Technical Requirements

7 Piece Live Band Lack of Afro Live Band Channel List: Drums / BVs • Kick • Snare 1 • Snare 2 • Left overhead • Right overhead • Rack tom • Floor tom • Vocal mic Bass / Percussion / BVs • Amp (Direct output or mic’d – whichever) • Vocal microphone • Conga microphone Vox / Guitar • Amp (Direct output or mic’d – whichever) • Vocal microphone Keys / BVs • Keyboard 1 Left • Keyboard 1 Right • Keyboard 2 Left • Keyboard 2 Right Sax • Microphone Trumpet • Microphone Extra Microphone DJ/Live PA 1 x table - minimum 150 cm x 75 cm 1 x conga drum with stand 2 x vocal microphones 1 x instrument microphone (for conga drum) 3 x microphone stands

Recording Requirements

No recording without prior permission from agent

Refreshment And Catering Requirements

7 x 500ml bottles of still spring water (to be placed on stage before the set please) 7 x fresh towels (to be placed on-stage before the set please) 24 x beers 12 x 500ml bottles of spring water 2 x bottles good quality vodka. (No Smirnoff please) 1 x bottle of good quality whiskey. 7 x 500ml bottles of sparkling spring water Regular cokes Plenty of limes

Accommodation Requirements

Hotel or Airbnb Twin or single rooms Minimum 3* accommodation Wifi must be included Late check out and breakfast must be included

Travel Requirements

The band will be driving so will need an agreed travel allowance - please confirm with agency

Further Information

A table from which to sell merchandise. Minimum size 100cm x 150cm



Lack of Afro Unity Biog

Lack of Afro Biog UNITY.pdf

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