Digital Love

Last night, I had a dream about you...

Come and see the robots up close, and join Digital Love as they pay
homage to the French maestros. Featuring custom-made replica
helmets, and stunning visuals projected onto a pyramid, their
bespoke live show will guarantee an immersive experience.

Artist Billing

Digital Love

Technical Requirements

WITHOUT VISUALS For Pyramid: Stage: Pyramid (to be provided by artist) - 2.4m x 1.7m x 1m - please allow ample space plus DJ riser behind it. 1 X 4ft x 2ft riser / DJ table - to sit behind pyramid 1 X Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 1 X Pioneer DJM900 Nexus Power: 3A Max Load, supplied as either 13A Domestic socket or 16A Ceeform at DJ Booth/Pyramid on stage. Domestic 13A socket for control laptop at FOH. Control: Single Cat5 line to FOH/VJ's Op Position from DJ Booth/Pyramid on stage. 1x DMX line from FOH to stage Space for Laptop + midi controller. WITH VISUALS - AS ABOVE BUT TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING... For VJ: 1.5m of clear desk space, and one power point 60 mins of time to setup and trouble shoot. We will need to send video from stage (DVI / HDMI) to front of house, from 'Digital Love' Laptop into VJ. Then video out of VJ laptop (DVI / HDMI) to whatever video server they are running. I can have a detailed conversation with their AV supplier if needs be. If this is not possible, VJ will have to be stage left or right, and we can run a cable to me directly from 'Digital Love laptop on stage (I can supply this). The AV supplier will still have to take a video feed from me from the side of the stage. Midi triggering will not work at a large distance as we know, so this is the only option, or i trigger manually. VJ need to know what the screens (LED / Projection) and server set up is from the AV supplier to the venue. Performance Composition: Pyramid show only - 3 people Pyramid + VJ = 4 people Pyramid + VJ = 4 people + Dancers: number of dancers chosen (3 or 4?) For questions on Pyramid – please email Lucas Edwards on or call 07961855171 For questions on visuals, please email Andy on or call 07837071395 Tour Manager - Matt Braddock - 07779225969

Recording Requirements

No recording or streaming without prior permission from The Unity Agency

Refreshment And Catering Requirements

Selection of fruit Selection of snacks 12 x bottles of water 12 x bottles / cans of beer 1 x evening meal per person depending on travel party (please confirm with Unity on size of travel party)